World Food Future
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World Food Future for Women (WFF) is a community conference initiative by Halo Health Asia, a new social enterprise based in Singapore. Halo Health Asia’s mission is to bring up-to-date food science research, innovation and policy discussions to the layperson so as to enable better food decisions at every stage of life.

WFF is a first-of-its-kind conference on food science and nutrition that brings together all major stakeholders - government, big business, SMEs, academics and consumers - on one platform for a day of hot-button food conversations.

WFF will take place on March 26th to celebrate International Women’s Day. Women make 93% of home food decisions. While still under-represented in the C-suite of most major F&B companies, women are starting to make strides in food-related SMEs. We aim to have a majority of women speakers at WFF to highlight women’s role in the evolving food space.

Net proceeds from WFF will go towards funding “FoodSteps”, Halo Health Asia’s free school nutrition programme.